We can do more, but we need your help.

Since 2009, CFE has opened doors to opportunities for our neighbors in the following ways:

Larger Needs Remain

CFE runs a lean operation. Our operating budget is small and we have three (one full-time and two part-time) employees. Our waiting list is over a month for repairs. Despite the long queue, most community members do wait because CFE is the only place they can afford to take it. Requests for user-level computer trainings come in daily, yet we are unable to resume trainings due to budget constraints.

We know we can do more. We just can't do it alone.

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Main Office:

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9AM - 5PM

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The bubble shows our location. Going north on 101 exit at Marsh Road, turn right to the light, turn left and go past the curve and into the first parking lot and we're behind the roll up door. Going south on 101 exit at March and go left back across 101 to the light at the bottom of the hill and then left on Haven Ave.